If you are ever looking for me, I would start out by checking sports facilities far and wide. I will either be covering an event as a sports reporter or competing in one as an athlete, but either way that’s where you’ll most often find me: at a track, arena, stadium or field.

I have competed in sports all my life, but now I have transitioned to another realm of the sports world: sports journalism. Whenever I decide to end my athletic career, I don’t want to be any less a part of the sports community. That is why I have become so enamored by sports journalism, because even though I may not be competing in the sport myself, I’m doing what I think is the next best thing–covering it.

Now a senior at the University of Oregon, I have engrossed myself in the sports journalism community at UO. All that I am involved in school today will hopefully help launch me into a professional sports journalism career after college. I look at it as the same concept of collegiate athletes that hope to turn professional. They practice day in and day out in college with hopes of pursuing a professional career, working diligently everyday to perfect his or her craft, just as I do with journalism.

I treat everyday as a day to improve as a journalist. I don’t like to put things off until tomorrow, because today is yesterday’s tomorrow. I am an efficient, list-making, eager and dedicated young woman who dreams of continuing in a career of sports journalism–a career in which one gets to watch sports, and it just doesn’t get any better than that.