Duck TV Sports Feature

This is a feature I produced for the Duck TV fall finale show. Tom Heinonen had one of the most successful programs in NCAA track and field history and now he uses his coaching talent to help yet another Oregon team. Watch his story below:


Title Nine – #T9Triumph

This is a video that I created during my internship at Title Nine. I produced every aspect of the video, from finding and contacting Terri to interviewing and editing. Terri was exceptional and I really enjoyed telling her story. 

Heir to the Spikes

This is a video project that I worked on with four other students. This project, however, was different from a video project that I would normally do because this time, I was the subject. I helped write the script, edit the video and create this story about my journey being coached by my dad.

DuckTV Sports –  Anchor

Duck TV Sports Triple Threat

Late Night Corner Stop

The following video, “Late Night Corner Stop,” is a short documentary on Uly’s Taco Truck. I helped shoot, write and was the lead editor in producing this video.

Audio Slideshow – Lane 5 Crossfit

Tom Pappas, co-owner and operator of Lane 5 Crossfit, opened the gym with his brother Billy after a successful track and field career. He has won two World Championships and been in three Olympics as a decathlete. His gym serves as a hub for people from all walks of life to train in, ranging from those looking to get fit, all the way to elite, professional athletes, Lane 5 welcomes everyone.

Lane Titan Track & Field 2015

I made this video to commemorate Lane’s 2015 track and field season.