Title Nine – #T9Triumph

This is a video that I created during my internship at Title Nine. I produced every aspect of the video, from finding and contacting Terri to interviewing and editing. Terri was exceptional and I really enjoyed telling her story. 

Heir to the Spikes

This is a video project that I worked on with four other students. This project, however, was different from a video project that I would normally do because this time, I was the subject. I helped write the script, edit the video and create this story about my journey being coached by my dad.

DuckTV Sports –  Anchor

Duck TV Sports Triple Threat

Late Night Corner Stop

The following video, “Late Night Corner Stop,” is a short documentary on Uly’s Taco Truck. I helped shoot, write and was the lead editor in producing this video.

Audio Slideshow – Lane 5 Crossfit

Tom Pappas, co-owner and operator of Lane 5 Crossfit, opened the gym with his brother Billy after a successful track and field career. He has won two World Championships and been in three Olympics as a decathlete. His gym serves as a hub for people from all walks of life to train in, ranging from those looking to get fit, all the way to elite, professional athletes, Lane 5 welcomes everyone.

Lane Titan Track & Field 2015

I made this video to commemorate Lane’s 2015 track and field season.