Reporting I

I took Reporting I during the fall of my junior year. I covered various events, wrote a first draft of the story and then got feedback from my professor, Lori Shontz, to make my final revisions.

Click the links below or the tabs above to read two of the stories that I covered and reported on during the class.


People from all different backgrounds and all different walks of life play video games. However, the majority of game developers are white males. Because of this, there is often misrepresentation and underrepresentation for minorities. Tanya DePass, the founder of I Need Diverse Games, led a discussion on this topic during a University of Oregon event titled “Keywords for Video Game Studies: Diversity.”

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Although non-governmental organizations have been around for centuries, modern-day NGOs have begun to operate “different from the past,” according to Dr. Matthew Powers, an assistant professor in the department of communications at the University of Washington. Powers led an event in the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication where he discussed the “highly professionalized” way of NGOs today and how they can threaten the platform of journalists.

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