Social Media

Social. What I’ve done:



BeOregon – An initiative by the University of Oregon athletic department to celebrate diversity and inclusion. 


I created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for BEOREGON (@BEOREGONducks) and posted on a regular basis throughout the 2017-18 school year. I was the sole manager for the BEOREGON social media accounts.



Title Nine – A women’s athletic apparel company founded on the beliefs of TitleIX and committed to encouraging women to being active. 


I interned at Title Nine throughout summer of 2017. During my internship, I contributed to social media accounts, including a Facebook post that gained 750 reactions and 273 shares. I created a social media campaign called #T9Triumph that we be launched throughout Fall of 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 3.49.13 PM
Two pages from the “Social Media Toolkit” that I made for retail stores at Title Nine.

The campaign highlights the women who were lucky enough to reap the benefits of Title IX and how the monumental legislation affecting their lives. It includes the following video and a written story. Terri Givens, the woman from the video, had commented on a Facebook post. I contacted her and asked whether she would be willing to share her story. She was very gracious and willing to help as she explained her #T9Tale. I also created a Social Media Toolkit for the Title Nine retail stores to utilize using Adobe InDesign. Click here to download a PDF of the Social Media Booklet




TrackTown USA – A non-profit organization that primarily hosts premiere events as it continues to set the standard throughout the track and field community. 


During my time at TrackTown USA, I ran the Instagram and Facebook accounts, including Instagram Story and Facebook Live. I also created video and written content that was posted throughout social media.



Association for Women in Sports – A non-profit founded in 1987. AWSM works as a support network and advocacy group for women who work in sports media.

As director of social media for AWSM, I increased the @UOAWSM Twitter following by 345 percent in the span of 12 months and created an Instagram account. I consistently created and posted unique graphics to promote events and to create engagement.


What I know:

I am familiar with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Pinterest, Snapchat and Hootsuite. I also am proficient in live-Tweeting.